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Lektor – Aimee Ngoc Nguyen

Hello, I am Aimee, a teacher at Junior English school.

I graduated from SWPS University majoring in English Studies. I have been teaching since 2016. I discovered my passion for pedagogy during three months of volunteering as an English teacher in kindergarten to secondary school in Thailand, then I knew that being a teacher would bring me much joy and satisfaction. I would like to accompany and help my students develop their language skills. In addition, I have also been discovering and learning new things from my students just as my students learn from me.

I like watching films, cooking, and baking in my free time. Besides that, I love to travel around to discover new things. Furthermore, I enjoy every moment with my students in JES, this is my pleasure to be a part of JES.

I love teaching children because it’s incredibly rewarding to see how fast they can improve after learning with me. I like using visual aids, facial expressions, music, and games to keep children motivating and engaging in the lesson. I’m also a very patient teacher with kids and I believe that every child has potential to be unlocked.