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Lektor – Anarose Brion Panaga

Hello! My name is Anarose.
I am originally from The Philippines, an archipelagic country in Asia also known as the Pearl of the Orient Seas.
A Hispanic-Latin country and we are used to speaking Spanish but are not literally fluent in it.
Proud mom of two courageous baby boys. I speak Filipino, English, and Ilocano, working on my Polish as well.
I’ve taught English for around three years since being a tutor nanny of Chinese, Taiwanese/Australian kids in Hong Kong.
I enjoy teaching, especially with young learners who are willing to learn more like me.
Working with such positive and lovely people at Junior English School is an enormous experience!
Since I’m far from my family being with them, I found a new home that welcomes me with big hands.
In my spare time, you will find me in nature, working out, traveling, listening to music, and karaoke as Filipinos are passionate about.
In some parts, I’m socializing with my friends from different countries because I love knowing their culture and learning new things.