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Lektor – Mea Bugnosen

Hi everyone! My name is Mea Bugnosen. I am from the country known as the Pearl of the Orient Seas-The Philippines. I am a mother to three wonderful boys. I love nature and flute music. Both of which calm my mind and reminds me of home. In my spare time, I practice Tai Chi, read books, or speak to my family back home.
I am delighted to be a part of Junior English School and have the opportunity to teach their students. I had been teaching English for a while in my home city before I moved to Europe a few years ago. My students back then were from Korea and Japan. Teaching is something I love to do. It is a very challenging endeavor but one of the most rewarding things I experienced.
I am excited to learn from everyone as I guide them in improving their English skills one step at a time. And I look forward to a year filled with learning and fun at the school!